Feb 14, 2013

Most romantic places in Poland

Many people say about Poland that it is a "heart-shaped country" and if you take a good look on a map you'll see it's true. Although in Poland we don't show our feelings in public very often, at least not like in Italy, where you can see kissing couples everywhere, we can be very romantic :) On Valentine's Day there is no other subject than LOVE so it is a perfect occasion to show you the most romantic places in Poland.

The Little Market in Kazimierz Dolny
This pearl of Polish rennesaince and very old little town is one of the most beautiful places in Poland known from exceptional atmosphere, picturesque views and great monuments. It's located in the centre of Poland and is one of the favourite 'places to runaway' for people from Warsaw. The Little Market and the panorama from the Mountain of Three Crosses will take your breath away!

Mariacka Street in Gdańsk
Mariacka Gate through which you can enter Mariacka street is one of the things that Gdansk is very pride of. The street itself is believed to be one of the most enchanting streets in Europe. It seems to be taken out from some fairy taile, with all the sculptures and decorated tenement houses. In the past, all rich habitants of Gdansk lived there. Also it's a place where you can buy high quality amber stones.

The monument of lovers in Grudziądz
The Polish soldier and his lady are hugging in front of the Grudziądz City Hall. Grudziądz itself is a city in the northern part of Poland with many places to sightsee: old city wall, St Mary's Church, St Nicholas Church and many parks where you can hide from the city crowd.

Chełmno - the city St Valentine
Chełmno is the city of love. It's a place where the relicts of St Valentine are kept in the old medieval Fara Church. You will find many old churches there and a beautiful town hall.


  1. From these pics of Poland i have got many different cities of Poland in a very impressive way and i have also heard that people say about Poland that it is a heart-shaped country.I suggest you to must visit Poland only one time in life by cheap flights and if you take a good look on a map you'll see it's true.

  2. Krakow is also have alot of romantic places :)